School Captain's

It's my privilege to be chosen as the school pupil leader of one of the most prestigious institutions of the city. I'm humbled that our honourable Principal found me capable of this job.

I'm thankful to the Almighty for blessing me with such supporting teachers and helpful classmates who encourage and motivate me to fulfill my duties with sincerity and commitment.

We, the students, are the future of the nation. Our school has provided us an aesthetic environment for the development of our personality, skill and mind, to make us responsible human beings with leadership qualities. From the confines of our classrooms, it has exposed us to the real world.

The year marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of all the members of the new Parliament. I pray to God that he may give us the courage to take up the responsibilities and stand true to everyone's expectations.

I wish my fellow cabinet members best of luck for the year ahead. I'm grateful for their help and support.

I also wish to extend my best wishes to all my classmates and juniors who are always ready with their unconditional support and cooperation in maintaining the discipline of the school.

With positive vibes,
Raj Laxmi Singh (School Pupil Leader)
St. Patrick’s Sr. Sec. School, Jaunpur